Maintenance & Construction (formerly Site Support) provides services to all facilities on the OUHSC Oklahoma City campus.  We are a team of 9 separate shops and a supporting administrative staff that work together as a team to provide preventive maintenance, routine building maintenance repairs, small and large service projects, and construction projects.  

Maintenance & Construction shops includes experienced and highly skilled licensed technicians.  All technicians in the Electric Shop, HVAC Shop, and Plumbing Shop have a minimum of an apprentice license, with over 90% possessing a Contractor's or Journeyman's license.  To obtain one of these licenses an individual must have verifiable proof of the required minimum experience and/or vocational training and successfully pass the state administered testing.  Additionally, the technician must meet Continuing Education requirements to maintain a license in good standing.

Maintenance requests can be submitted by clicking the "Submit Maintenance Request" button on the right of the screen.  Additionally, requests can be called into our Work Control Center at 271-2121.  Each maintenance request is evaluated based upon the impact to students, faculty, and staff.  The requests are given a priority with a target completion time and date.  Our goal is to always have work completed by the target completion time and date, however work will be prioritized as it is received and the requests with potential for significant impact to campus operations will be completed first. 

To properly schedule, track and prioritize work, Facilities Management asks that all maintenance requests be submitted online or through the Work Control center, rather than contacting the shops directly.