Motor Pool


Fleet Services

Services Provided

Fleet Services provides permanent vehicle assignments, vehicle rentals, fueling and vehicle maintenance and support to OUHSC departments.


Hours of Operation

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM , Monday through Friday
Excludes all University-recognized holidays


Guidelines All vehicles for permanent assignment to OUHSC departments are purchased, owned, and maintained by Fleet Services. A request for purchase of a vehicle for permanent assignment, both as a replacement vehicle or as an expansion to the fleet, must be processed through Fleet Services, and approved by the Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Oklahoma State Division of Capital Assets Management, Fleet Division.

Contact Information

Preston Moore, Senior Administrative Manager
 (405) 271-2311 X48308 
 Service Center Building 142C
 Monday - Friday 8:00-5:00


Hugh Ferringer, Fleet Services 
 (405) 271-2344
 Motor Pool 100
  Monday - Friday 7:00 - 4:00


Butch McKee, Automotive Mechanic 
 (405) 271-2344
 Motor Pool 101
  Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00


Justin Reimers, Automotive Mechanic 
 (405) 271-2344
 Motor Pool 101
  Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00


Only OUHSC employees and officers of the state possessing a valid Oklahoma driver’s license are permitted to operate a State-owned vehicle. Any department assigned a Fleet Services vehicle is ultimately responsible to verify the licensure of any of its personnel prior to the operation of their assigned vehicle. University policies and procedures are located in the Staff Handbook and are in accordance with Oklahoma Statute, Title 47.


All Fleet Services vehicles must be identified with OUHSC identification number and decal. Any individual using a State-owned vehicle for personal or private use, or beyond the scope of official duties, is in violation of Oklahoma State Statutes and is subject to punishment by fine and/or imprisonment. It is unlawful for any employee to use a State-owned vehicle to ride to and from the employee's place of residence for private purposes. Take Home Vehicles - Employees of the University cannot be assigned a University vehicle for use on a 'take home' 24-hour basis unless an exception has been granted based on a specific need. Moving and parking violations are the responsibility of the individual driving the vehicle at the time of the violation. Equipment and accessories will not be added to, altered, or removed from any Fleet Services vehicle. Any violation of Fleet Services policies or Oklahoma State Statutes will lead to the forfeiture of Fleet Services vehicle privileges.

Fueling Guidelines Fleet Services dispenses unleaded fuel by the use of proximity keys and driver PINs. Drivers permitted to operate State-owned vehicles can complete a driver request form (PDF) and return it to the Fleet Services office. Drivers are allowed to specify their fueling pin. The driver fueling PIN must be from 4 to 10 characters long.

Proximity keys have been assigned to University owned vehicles. These proximity keys are required to dispense fuel from the Fleet Services fuel pumps. One key is issued per vehicle. The department leasing the vehicle must pay for lost or damaged proximity keys. The cost to replace a fuel proximity key is $15.00.

Vehicle Assignment

Permanent Assignment Vehicles may be permanently assigned to departments if routinely required to complete assignments and perform daily operations. The assignee department is responsible for any damages, maintenance, and repair costs to the vehicle. Permanently assigned vehicles should be fueled at the Fleet Services facility whenever possible. Hours of operation for the fuel pumps mirrors the Fleet Services schedule. State of Oklahoma gasoline credit cards may be issued upon request. Purchases may be made for fuel and authorized parts and maintenance. All sales slips must be forwarded to Fleet Services immediately following any transactions. The assignee department may reimburse purchases by cash or personal credit card.

Monthly Permanent Assignment Vehicle Maintenance Schedule All Fleet Services vehicles will be inspected and serviced each month according to the Fleet Services Maintenance Schedule. Click on the link to download a copy of the current maintenance schedule. The schedule is also displayed at the Fleet Services office.

Vehicle maintenance is performed according to the Fleet Services Vehicle Maintenance Policy. All departments assigned vehicles assume responsibility to deliver vehicle to the Fleet Services for scheduled maintenance.

Where possible, vehicles are purchased based on the Oklahoma State Contracts. Departments that request vehicles not on the state contract are done through the OU Purchasing Department on an open bid.

Temporary Assignment A limited number of vehicles are available for daily rental by OUHSC departments. The department will be charged a daily rental rate, and any additional charges incurred. A vehicle may be reserved by completing the Online SUR in PeopleSoft Financials, to Fleet Services. All requests must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to time of rental. Call Fleet Services, 271-2344, to cancel or change a reservation. Any cancellation not made prior to 24 hours before scheduled rental, will result in a $2.00 fee to the appropriate department.

Accidents involving Fleet Services Vehicles Secure the name and address of any injured persons, owners, witnesses, and drivers, as well as any necessary insurance information.

Make no statements regarding the accident to anyone except the police, or an OUHSC representative.

The driver or department must notify the office of Risk Management at 271-3287, immediately. All necessary forms must be completed within 24 hours of accident.

Contact Campus Police at 271-4300, for any accident on campus or in the immediate vicinity. If the HSC vehicle is inoperative, Campus Police will notify Fleet Services for arrangements.

If the accident is outside the campus area, notify the appropriate law enforcement agency. If the HSC vehicle is inoperative, notify Fleet Services personnel at 271-2344 for arrangements.