Services Provided 
The Mail Processing department provides mail pickup from, and delivery to, the Health Sciences Center buildings and/or departments, including both US mail and campus mail.

US mail is delivered from the US Post Office, and delivered twice daily to campus buildings and departments. Outbound mail is metered and dispatched to the US Post Office by 3:45PM daily.
Deliveries of personal mail or packages to or from a campus address is prohibited.  Employees should make other arrangements for personal deliveries.
Any incoming shipments made by private courier should be delivered directly to the applicable department and not to the Mail Processing Center.

Hours of Operation 
6:30 AM - 5:00 PM , Monday through Friday
Excludes all University-recognized holidays


Williams Pavilion, Room 110

Campus mail is designated as mail which originates from the OUHSC, Norman , or Tulsa campuses, and is addressed to a person or department on any of the three campuses. It also includes mail addressed to any of the ancillary institutions on the OUHSC campus, or to any state agency in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. All campus mail must be placed in campus mail envelopes, which can be obtained from Printing Services.

Any outgoing mail to be registered, certified, or insured should be in the mail room by 3:00 PM .

The OUHSC campus is assigned a PO Box number of 26901, and a unique zip code of 73126-0901.

Any received mail that is addressed to faculty or staff located in the Oklahoma Teaching Hospitals, will be forwarded to the Oklahoma Teaching Hospital's Mail Service.

Each delivery point must provide an IN and OUT box for mail.

Generally, mail is processed as received. However, if time becomes a factor, Express Mail will be given top priority.

Students are not authorized to receive mail at the OUHSC campus.

In 2008, the United States Postal Service made a significant change to the requirements to qualify for Bulk Mail rates.  This requirement states that the complete mailing address must have been checked against the national address database within the last 95 days and the zip code must have been checked within the last 12 months. 

Before sending any Bulk Mailings and utilizing the campus permit, all mailing lists must go through this accuracy check.  Many of the local mailing vendors will provide this service for free if they prepare your bulk mailing.  If they do not prepare your mailing, they will charge a nominal fee for this service.  Contact the Mail Room at 271-2225 or Ext.12225 for a list of these vendors and the procedures for processing your bulk mailing.

An Online SUR in PeopleSoft Financials must be completed and approved to initiate a Bulk Mailing. The SUR must include a valid Chartfield Account, number of pieces of mail, and a general description of the mailing.

All mail to be metered must be handled and tied or banded separately from campus mail. A completed Departmental Mail Voucher must be attached to each bundle. International, registered, certified, and insured mail should be banded separately with its own voucher.

Mail Processing will not pickup items to be sent via private carrier.

In the event of departmental moves, the department is responsible for notifying Mail Processing of their new address. Departments should also update their addresses with any correspondents.

For outgoing shipments, it is necessary to furnish Shipping personnel with a legible and complete shipping address and account spread.

Preston Moore, Senior Administrative Manager
 (405) 271-2311 X48308
 Service Center Building 142C
  Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30


Autumn Gimenez, Central Mail Supervisor
 (405) 271-2225 X46508
 G Rainey Williams Pavilion B111
  Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00


Joe Martin, Lead Mail Clerk
 (405) 271-2225
 G Rainey Williams Pavilion B110
  Monday - Friday 6:00 - 3:00