Vehicle Rentals

Services Provided

Motor Pool provides daily vehicle rentals through Enterprise Rent-A-Car ®, including gasoline credit cards, to OUHSC departments. Click Here for the current contract charges for Enterprise Rent-A-Car ® vehicles updated November 2016. The prices included in the rate sheet are total rental charges due to the customer, excluding fuel usage.

Please note that the University of Oklahoma Fleet Services Policies and Procedures states "For safety reasons, no more than nine (9) people, including the driver, can travel in a passenger van owned, operated, and/or leased by OU." 

Important Information Regarding Enterprise Rentals

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has notified the University that they can no longer allow University departments to return vehicles to the HSC Motor Pool after hours on Friday and have the charges suspended for the weekend. If a vehicle is returned to the Motor Pool after 4:30 pm on Friday, the department will be charged for the rental of the vehicle on Saturday and Sunday. To avoid these charges, please make the necessary arrangements to have the vehicle returned by 4:30 pm on Fridays.

In addition, without incurring rental charges over the weekend, the earliest a vehicle can be rented on Monday mornings is 8:00 am. If a department needs a vehicle prior to 8:00 am on Monday, Enterprise will have to deliver on Friday afternoon and the charges will begin on Saturday and include Sunday.

Also, Enterprise was being very generous to us, allowing us to have a two hour window upon returning charges before recurring another day’s charge. That is no longer available to us either. So be aware, for example, if you are picking it up at 9 am on a Monday and returning it at 10 am that following Tuesday, it will go into another days charge.

Mileage Charges: Base Rental Rates for Compact through Premium vehicle classes include unlimited free miles per day and per week, and 2,500 free miles per month; all other vehicle classes include 150 free miles per day, 1,050 free miles per week, and 2,500 free miles per month, as applicable. Any additional miles will be charged at the rate of $0.20 per mile.

Hours of Operation
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

Points of Contact

Hugh Ferringer, Account Clerk III; 271-2344
Mark Keesee, Sr. Administrative Manager; X48308
Gerald Bray, Lead Automotive Mechanic: 271-2344


To rent a vehicle from the Motor Pool, the requesting department must submit an Online SUR in PeopleSoft Financials to Motor Pool. The Vehicle Rental Request must include a billable account spread or other account information. Costs associated with a vehicle rental will be billed to one account only.

Pick up the rented vehicle at the Motor Pool in the fenced parking lot directly East of the Service Center Building, 1100 N. Lindsay. A vehicle may also be picked up at the downtown Enterprise location. Because of some major billing issues that we have experienced, we are no longer renting vehicles to be picked up at the airport. If a vehicle is needed for airport pickup, the renter must go through the University Travel Reimbursement process. To ensure that the renter receives the best possible rate, please contact Hugh Ferringer at 271-2344 for the University's account code with Enterprise.

Rented vehicles should be returned to the Motor Pool lot before 5:00 PM. If a rental vehicle is returned after 5:00 PM, park the vehicle in the Motor Pool parking lot and deposit the keys in the drop box located next to the Motor Pool Office door. If the access gate is locked, please contact Campus Police at 271-4300 to coordinate access.

The renting department is responsible for any extra costs incurred due to late return of rented vehicles. The department is also responsible for fuel top-off required for returned vehicles.

Operators of vehicles rented through the Motor Pool must meet the same requirements for operators of University owned vehicles. However, while only OUHSC employees and officers of the state possessing a valid Oklahoma driver's license are permitted to operate a State-owned vehicle, individuals must be over 21 years of age to rent a vehicle through Enterprise .

Moving and parking violations are the responsibility of the individual driving the rental vehicle at the time of the violation. All Pike Pass violations are reported to the Motor Pool and are researched to determine who had possession of the vehicle at the time of the violation. Departments are responsible for all charges associated with Pike Pass violations.