The Steam & Chilled Water Plant is responsible for the production of high-pressure steam and chilled water which is distributed to many of the buildings campus.  Steam is produced to provide heating, domestic hot water, and sterilization.  Chilled water production is provided for air conditioning for our facilities.

The Steam and Chilled Water Plant operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to provide heating and cooling to many of the buildings on campus. OUHSC has the second largest plant in the state of Oklahoma. The Steam and Chilled Water Plant is equipped with 6 boilers, 10 chillers, 9 cooling towers, and a Reverse Osmosis Make-up Water System.

The Steam and Chilled Water Plant regularly has projects to keep up with the demand and growth of OUHSC. The Plant is proud to have the job of providing the campus with heating and cooling all year long.

Environmental Automation and Controls
Environmental Controls personnel provide environmental control and scheduling services in support of the operation of University buildings.  They also provide install / setup for environmental controls installed for remodels and other building / system improvements.

Pete Ray, Assistant Director for Environmental Systems; 271-2066
Mike Sanders, Steam & Chilled Water Plant Manager; Ext. 48660
Cody Moore, Utility Controls Foreman; Ext. 48329
Service Requests/Maintenance Issues; Ext. 48330