Services Provided
Records Management & Storage provides a formal, centralized records program to ensure the University complies with applicable statutes, and to assist University departments in managing their records.

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM , Monday through Friday
Excludes all University-recognized holidays

Points of Contact


OUHSC Warehouse, 1400 NE 4th , Oklahoma City

The warehouse will only accept University documents recognized in the State of Oklahoma records retention schedules.  Please refer to HSC Records Schedule 96-03 for an updated version of the Health Sciences Center's Records Disposition Schedule.

The General Records Disposition Schedule for State Universities and Colleges (U&C GRDS) and U&C Index are available from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries for download as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. 

Documents must be stored in legal/letter, 10" x 12" x 15" boxes . An OUHSC records label must be completed and attached to one end of the storage box.  The label must be entirely covered with clear packing tape to prevent damage.  Only designated storage boxes with appropriate labels will be transported to the depository.

Records Management requires a completed Inventory of Material form from the requesting department.

Complete an Online SUR in PeopleSoft Financials, indicating the quantity and size of the storage boxes being deposited. Please attach the Inventory of Material forms to the SUR. Moving services will transport the storage boxes, without charge, to the warehouse.

Records Retrieval
Departments can request the retrieval of records through the Records Manager at 271-2311.  The requested record will be delivered to your department within 24 hours. There is a $4 fee for this service. Please submit an Online SUR in PeopleSoft Financials to Records Management for the delivery and storage fees.

Departments may also retrieve their own records from the warehouse.   Employees retrieving records must have a valid OU ID and department approval.  Contact the Records Manager at 271-2311 to arrange a date and time to go to the warehouse at 1400 NE 4th St .

Destruction of Records Guidelines
Records are destroyed in accordance with applicable Records Retention Schedules, based on required storage periods.   Note: The written approval of the State Archives Commission is required prior to destruction of any original document, per Oklahoma State statutes.

Submit an Agency Notice of Intent to Destroy Records form to the Records Manager from your department to initiate destruction procedures.  The form will be processed, and forwarded to the State Department of Libraries, Archives, and Records Commission for approval.  If approved, the designated records become authorized for destruction.

A copy of the Agency Notice of Intent to Destroy Records will be forwarded to your department indicating the State's approval or denial of your request.

Training is offered on an as-needed basis by the Records Manager.  It may include Records Retention Schedules, destruction, deposit and transfer, or address the particular needs of a department.  Call 271-2311 to schedule training.

Records Management & Storage Fees

Storage Fee:  Legal/Letter Box $0.30 per month

Records Retrieval and Delivery Fee: $4.00

Records Destruction:

Destruction services are offered through Records Management and may be utilized by departments for an additional fee. For pricing and logistical information, contact the Records Manager at 271-2311. If the department wishes to complete the destruction independently, OU Purchasing should be contacted for assistance selecting an approved shredding vendor